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Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Civil litigation (real estate, creditor's remedies)
  • Conciliation court ("small claims court") representation
  • Representation in mediation and arbitration

Because litigation can be costly, Sarah strives to prevent and resolve disputes before they become lawsuits. Unfortunately, litigation is not always avoidable. Sarah has regularly represented her clients in court on default judgments, in motion practice, at pre-trial conferences and hearings, and at trial, achieving favorable results. As an example, her analysis of Minnesota’s mechanic’s lien law was adopted in full by the court and her client was awarded 100% of the attorneys’ fees it incurred in prosecuting its lien claim against the property owner. 

Sarah has often also represented her clients in conciliation court or "small claims" court. Some of Sarah's clients ask her to assist them by drafting and filing the conciliation court statement of claim, while they attend the subsequent court hearing on their own. Others have determined it is more cost effective and a better use of their time to have Sarah attend the conciliation court hearing for them. Others yet simply consult Sarah for advice on how to handle a conciliation court case.
Sarah has completed the training necessary to become designated by the Minnesota Supreme Court as a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114, meaning she can serve as a mediator or arbitrator. For more information about Sarah's mediation practice and
Virtual Mediation Minnesota, click here. Sarah has also spent time on the other side of the table, participating in mediation and arbitration as a lawyer advocating on behalf of her clients. 

If you are in need of legal services that you do not see listed or mentioned above, please feel free to contact us anyway. If we do not provide the type of legal service you require, we can put you in touch with an attorney who does.