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Creditor's Remedies, Collections and Bankruptcy

  • Debt collection 
  • Debt negotiation and settlement
  • Representation of creditors in debtor bankruptcy (proofs of claim, adversary proceedings)
  • Enforcement of judgments, including asset investigation, bank and wage garnishments
  • Foreign (out-of-state) judgments
  • Non-child support judgments against ex-spouses
  • Community association assessment collections, including liens
  • Mechanic's liens

In her creditor's remedies and debt collection practice, Sarah helps clients obtain payment for goods and services they have provided. She reviews and improves their contracts and credit applications as necessary to proactively protect them from loss. When collection services are needed, Sarah is creative in her investigation of debtors and their assets, and her use of the variety of collection methods available under the law. When needed, she partners with attorneys in other states to pursue debt collection outside of Minnesota. She is thorough, tenacious, respectful and effective. She has successfully recovered for her clients both pre- and post-judgment. When debtors file bankruptcy, Sarah has represented secured and unsecured creditors by filing proofs of claim and bringing adversary proceedings on their behalves. Examples of her past debt collection efforts include: 

  • bank garnishment;
  • wage garnishment;
  • "till taps";
  • sheriff's seizures and auction of vehicles and equipment;
  • lien foreclosures;
  • charging order against individual debtor's interest in a limited liability partnership;
  • garnishment of debtor limited liability partnership's rental income; and
  • transcription of judgments to other counties and states.

​If you are in need of legal services that you do not see listed or mentioned above, please feel free to contact us anyway. If we do not provide the type of legal service you require, we can put you in touch with an attorney who does.